Guest Speaker: Bishop Ken Nowakowski  was ordained Bishop on 24 July 2007.

Thank You Dean for taking the notes and Myrna for typing the notes up for below:

Bishop Ken: His Dad {Rotarian} immigrated to Saskatchewan in 1895.

In 1975 Bishop Ken won an essay competition to a mocle parliament in Regina {Was the Minister of Foreign Affairs} sponsored by Rotary. His proposed bill – Americans need visa's to visit Canada.

Need to understand people are "who" and not "what" – not things. Don't have a "best buy date"

Rotary has never treated people as things. Bishop Ken was involved in restructuring the Catholic Church in Ukraine. Asked to work on Humanitarian projects in Ukraine working with "Caritas". Started small.

Went to India and Pakistan to see how it was done there with small amounts for dollars. Worked in projects to "stop the cycle of poverty" {animation projects}. Computer literacy, soup kitchens, with Rotary ____________in Ukraine. "Caritas" Ukraine now leader in "Hospice" and care of "AIDS".

These are victims not a punishment from "God". Also Street Children project - easy pray for harvest of organs – support, food, medical and re-enter back into Society. Also started "meals on wheels" Provide funerals for forgotten

"Caritas" will provide answers to questions who are you? What do you need? Because you think someone is poor or has lost – not always true.

We need to ask, "we are analoque people not digital people"