Everyone is invited to a Club Social at Vikki's house in Ladner on June 8th.  For those who enjoy an afternoon of activity there are many great things to see in Ladner.  It is the first day of the Farmer's Market - a great event with over 150 stalls and venders, entertainment and fun http://ladnervillagemarket.com/.   Another worthwhile neighborhood trip is a tour of Westham Island to see the local farms and winery.  http://www.westhamislandherb.ca/   http://www.westhamislandwinery.com/     You can plan to spend about 1 hour at each location.   Vikki's place is right between the two, and for those who just want to sit and enjoy you are invited to relax at her home and sip a glass of wine that our club wine expert, Bob, will be selling at the event.  You are welcome to arrive any time after noon to enjoy the fellowship and fine food that our pot-luck will provide and the succulent barbeque that Neil and his helpers will prepare.