Posted by Azim Raghavji on Feb 25, 2010
Pro V (volunteer) Day: The Rotary Club of Burnaby served breakfast to future leaders.

On Friday morning February 26th  early, a group of club members of the Rotary Club of Burnaby organized a pancake breakfast in the hall of the Maywood School on Imperial Street in Burnaby for a group of high school students, who were starting their first day of volunteering.  The day's volunteer work was organized by a group of students from the University of Simon Fraser for senior school students, who have to perform some volunteer activities as part of their school curriculum.  Over seventy students were present.


The Rotarians were able to offer the students some pancakes with syrup and coffee as a breakfast to fortify them on their first day of volunteer activities.   The Burnaby Rotaractors were also present to assist with the serving of the breakfast and talking to the volunteers. Dean Rohrs took the opportunity to tell all the students about Rotary and what we as Rotarians do and strive for. She also encourage them in their volunteering activities and explained to them some of the good feelings volunteering can impart on them.


Rhino Rohrs