Guest Speaker for Aug 9 meeting was Assistant Governor Bala Naidoo whose speech focused on collaboration of all three Burnaby Rotary Clubs



Gus Quiz: What year was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued, 1947 Brian Cox was the winner.

Sal : it is important for us to bring in new members - Chu Wu has joined Sal on the membership committee.

Gus presented John Agnes with the scholarship awarded to the student that helped with the International Food Festival.


Val - RCMP Musical Ride Tue Aug 27 evening at Swangard Stadium - Val sent around a volunteer sign up sheet for the various things she needs help with.

Chu Wu was inducted as a member - welcome to our club Chu.

Neil introduced Bala Naidoo - Assistant Governor Bala hopes to get the three Burnaby clubs working together on joint projects more - to help increase the exposure of Rotary on Burnaby. Bala was born in South Africa, came to Canada in 1976, went to Wilfred Lawrier University and then an MBA at Windsor. Bala has worked with Investors Group for 27 years, and in Burnaby since 1999. 


Bala will be having meetings with the 3 Burnaby presidents every 2 months and hopes to also get the membership directors fo the three clubs to meet to jointly increase membership in Rotary in Burnaby. He is also looking into a corporate membership where the member would be a member of one club but could attend all three clubs. Bala is also interested in starting a young profressionals club - those that do not want to have lunch every week. The 3 presidents talked about a possible project - a water park in Central park. and a walk for polio, for the Burnaby and New Westminster clubs, next spring from Burnaby city hall to New Westminster city hall. Bala also wants encourage members to talk business during meetings. 

Bala advised that there is a Rotary Leadership Institute training on September 28 at the Accent Inn and would encourage members to attend.


Peter Beynon
Rotary Club of Burnaby