Posted by Peter Beynon on Oct 20, 2011
Andi Webster presented a talk on the Kunavelela Community Project (a registered charity in Sount Africa) The project has provide kids with soccer equipment, developed a community farm amd drilled a water well. They now a raising funds to build a windmill, pump and water storage to provide year round water to the community farm

The Kunavelela Community project was started by brothers Harry and Smiling Ubisi in their village of Hluvukani, Mpumalang province of South Africa. Andi Webster has worked with them since 2006 to help raise funds for theis projects. The project aims at encouraging hope and acts as a platform for those based in the village to create a better future for themselves through sustainable farming.

The village has about 9000 people in 950 houses, there are 580 single parents and 340 kids without parents, pimarily due to AIDS. Harry and Smiling Ubisi started their project in 1997, to provide soccer equipment and a pitch to play on to keep the kids off the streets and something to keep them active. In 2007 Andi Webster's involvement started with making soccer bibs of different colours so the kids would know who is on what team. By March 2008 they raised enough money to buy land for a veg garden and it took 2 months to clear the land. In Dec 2008 they got $15,000 worth of seeds and equipment and 600 meters of fence to keep the animals away from the garden. In Mar 2010 they received their non-profit status, designed a website, raised more funds to buy a chiken house and new soccer equipment. In Feb 2011 they drilled a water well and now the Rotary Club of Bowen Island is helping raise funds to buy and install a wndmill, pump and water storage so they can water the garden year round.

Long term plans are to buy a transportation vehicle (nearest town is 80 km away), a daycare, library and food stall and then computes and office supplies to help with the village organization. 

 For more information check out their website: Kunavelela Community Project