We had the honour of listening to the top 3 finalist of the Burnaby School District Speaking Contest Winner.  Click to listen to one of the presentations ...

Since 1983, Grade 7 students have participated in the district's public speaking competition which involves writing and delivering an original 3-5 minute speech on a common theme. It provides an opportunity for students to articulate their written words, to develop their confidence and pursue excellence. For many, this introduction to public speaking has been a building block toward bigger and better things. Many students have gone on to become community leaders and often credit their experience in this event as a significant first step.

The top 3 participants presented to our Club.

Congratulations to:
1. Jared Mah
2. Alyson Williamson
3. Milan Zivadinovic

Have a listen to Jared Mah, the top finisher ...
Click on the Link: Burnaby Newsleader