Posted by Peter Beynon on Oct 13, 2011

Linda Milani and Karen Chernoff gave a very informative presentation that provided an overview of what the BC Securities Commission can and can not do to help investors.

Linda Milani and Karen Chernoff gave a very informative presentation:

Fraud warning signs
1) No risk, guaranteed high returns,
2) profit like the pros,
3) offshore tax free,
4) get it now,
5) yours friends can't be wrong (pressure)

3 Knows for investing:
1) know yourself,
2) know your advisor,
3) know your investment

Affinity fraud targets groups, like Rotary, Churches 

Private companies are not regulated: You can only buy "stock" if you are a friend/family or you get a perspective.

1) ask questions, 2) get a second opinion, 3) understand the risk, 4) Make an informed investment decision.

You can go to BC online to find out about companies

BC Securities Commission: What thye can do 1)ban a company from trading, 2) maintain a disciplined persons list, 3) impose dollar penalties from breaking the law

What they can't do 1) put criminals in jail, 2) approve investments, 3) undo a transaction.

Check out BC Securities web site at or phone 1-800-373-6393