Rotary Adventure Programs
Rotary Clubs create programs for youth titled Adventure programs.  These adventures take place throughout the country and are an opportunity for youth to showcase their talent, learn from industry professionals and an opportunity to further career oppourtunities.
The Rotary Club of Burnaby is proud to engage in a number of Adventure programs.  The youth chosen for these programs attend a Burnaby Public Secondary School and are in Grade 11 or 12.  For youth to be chosen to attend they must contact there school representative (typically this is your Scholarship chair) from among whom they will choose one representative for each of the Adventure programs.  Each candidate from each high school than goes through an interview process with the Rotary Club of Burnaby, who will choose 1 individual to represent the club at the program.
The Rotary Club of Burnaby covers the cost of registration and transportation to and from the lower mainland.  The candidate is responsible for all personal expenses and to get to and from the point of departure from the lower mainland.  The candidate will be billeted with a family as arranged by the organizing Rotary Club who is facilitating the Adventure program or will advise if alternate arrangements are being made.  
For information about each of the Adventure programs please click on the appropriate link on the side.
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