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Burnaby Rotary

WHEN YOU THINK YOU HAVE COVID-19 ALL FIGURED OUT – There is something else there we haven’t talked about with it….

Everyone in this world has been impacted by COVID19 in some way or another. It’s has already settled into our lives. It had spread so swiftly and quietly without warning. However, there is one thing that one individual that voiced out in an article: [COVID-19] One Important Recommendation You May Not be Hearing, which has spread faster than the virus itself. That spread is FEAR.

So how does one try to alleviate these False Expectations Appearing Real aka FEAR?

The Rotary club of Burnaby has invited: Dr. Eugene K. Choi who is a certified transformational mindset coach with a background in clinical pharmacy and filmmaking. As he dove deep into neuroscience, he discovered a proven approach that helps leaders significantly improve company productivity, profitability, and team performance through a science-backed methodology he brings his clients through.

He had written the article to voice that concern back in March 18, 2020 to explain how FEAR is deadlier than the virus itself. Since then, his article has gone viral with many medical doctors and nurses sharing the article to provide awareness for it. 

We’re excited to bring Dr. Choi to touch on how COVID 19 relates to fear, and how it affects the mind and how the brain works in such a state. He’ll also share some techniques on how to alleviate that stress and be able to see the solutions and opportunities to better our community as a whole to be positive.

Details of Dr. Choi:

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