Contact: Sammy Li
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Burnaby Rotary
Fortius Sport and Health Centre - London Meeting Room
3713 Kensington Ave
Burnaby, BC  V5B 0A7

So looking forward to this one! All the hype with Big Data and Computers taking over the world! How does it actually work?!

Claire Peacock, our second newest member this year, will be talking about her vocation, data science! (and plenty of computer stuff)

In additional to technical stuff, we get to learn more about this new member and where she thinks she'll fit in with Rotary as well!


This is a public event. Bring friends and family! Learn about Rotary and meet good people! Bring business cards :)

**I know speaker doesn't talk until around 12:30PM, but please arrive on time at 12PM to meet everyone!

**We got lots of first timers to Rotary meetings. So if you've never been to our meetings, simply look for people with "Greeter" namebadge and they'll show you around!



12:00 PM – Mingle and lunch available
12:15 PM – Chair opens Meeting – O’Canada 
12:15 PM - Invocation
12:16 PM - Welcome Guests
12:20 PM – Announcements/Notices by Chair 
12:20 PM - Sargent at arms.
12:30 PM –Speaker introduced - (Claire Peacock)
12:35 PM – Speaker presents 
01:00 PM – Questions for Speaker 
01:15 PM – Toast to Rotary. Chair adjourns Meeting