Contact: Sammy Li
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Burnaby Rotary
Fortius Sport and Health Centre
3713 Kensington Ave.
Calgary “B” Meeting Room, 4th Floor
Burnaby, BC  V5B 0A7

Our speakers will be Dr. Jaymie Matthews, O. C., Professor, Department of Physic & Astronomy, Astrophysicist, UBC and Mission Scientist on MOST Space Telescope Project.

Guests, spouses, friends all invited! It'll be a great start for the year to learn about our inspiring universe.


Note we'll be meeting in a bigger room:  Calgary “B” Meeting Room, 4th Floor



12:00 PM – Meeting set up and lunch available
12:15 PM – Chair opens Meeting – O’Canada 
12:15 PM - Invocation
12:16 PM - Welcome Guests
12:20 PM – Announcements/Notices by Chair 
12:20 PM - Sargent at arms.
12:40 PM –Speaker introduced - Jaymie Matthews
12:45 PM – Speaker presents 
1:15 PM – Thank Speaker 
1:20 PM – Chair adjourns Meeting 
1:25 PM – Toast to Rotary