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Steve grew up in Georgetown Ontario and spent his career as co-owner of a mid sized computer company in Toronto. Since retirement he has narrowed his focus on local and international community support. Steve has served on several boards and committees in Port Hope including the Municipal Culture Committee, Parks, Rec and Culture Committee, Skatepark committee, Capitol Theatre Board of Directors and others.

He has received two civic awards, the latest for philanthropy and is a multiple Paul Harris award recipient for his efforts (2 clubs) and awarded the Spirit of Rotary award in 2016. In 2018, he received the Family and Community Service award from the Rotary Club of Courtice. Steve is a

member of the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise. With his partner they created a number of large events including one they held in their home netting $61,000 for the Capitol theatre and another town event for 6000 people.

For the last 11 years Steve has ventured into Laos serving the rural villagers with the most basic of needs for sustained life. Since 2009, Adopt A Village in Laos has completed over 65 villages with filtered water one family at a time, serving just over 30,000 rural villagers, constructed 19 permanent water supplies, repaired numerous others, built about 40 banks of toilets, 12 school construction projects and continues to sponsor a host of primary, secondary and university students.

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