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Burnaby Rotary
Rotary Club of Burnaby Zoom Room

Patricia Wu:  From Interactor to Rotarian and How to Optimize Your Brain Health

Speaker Info:

Dr. Patricia Wu will share her journey from attending RYLA and being an Interactor in Burnaby South Secondary School, to co-founding the Rotaract Club of Squamish while she attended Quest University Canada to obtain her Bachelor of Science and Arts Degree. Patricia, at 27, is the youngest member of the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen.  She lives in Tsawwassen and practices as a Naturopathic Physician at South Delta Integrative Healthcare Clinic.

About Dr. Patricia Wu from Her Website:

The intersection of nature, community, and health has always interested me. I love working with my community and always appreciated opportunities to learn from those with more life experience, like the Rotarians I have had the pleasure of meeting through my parents. While completing naturopathic medical school, my clinical work exposed areas in which our healthcare system let the older population fall through the cracks. This discovery compelled me to shift my original focus on pediatrics to geriatrics.

Born and raised in Metro Vancouver, I was fortunate to grow up with active grandparents. Throughout my life, I have been inspired by the vibrancy of the older generation in my community. These experiences have solidified my aspirations to serve the aging population and to help redefine what health means for them.

Growing older or “aging” is often seen in a negative light; however, it can be a fulfilling journey. Aging does not need to be debilitating. I believe that maximizing quality of life starts with active listening, compassion, and education. 

You have a story to share, I want to listen. You have more than one chief concern, I will work through them with you.


Your Pain, Your Fear, My Mission

We are in an epidemic of heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. All three are tightly intertwined. The most common fear with losing your memory is losing yourself. My mission is to empower you before it's too late.

South Delta Integrative Healthcare: