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Burnaby Rotary
Satwant's Place
6250 Kerr St
Vancouver, BC V5S 3C1

Presentation Info: For this week's presentation, we have Kamala Sproule from the Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table organization, dedicated to initiatives that promote kid's play, literacy, and connections to others to result in better later life outcomes. Let's hear about their efforts and involvement in the Burnaby Community. For more details see:

Note that the presenter will be online due to COVID concerns.

Kamala's Bio: I have been the Burnaby Early Childhood Development Community Coordinator, for the past 12 years. I lead and facilitate collaborative planning and community development initiatives that are informed by research.

Location Info: Satwant's place in Vancouver where lunch will be provided. Per usual note the following:

  • Please register in advance so Satwant knows how much food to make.
  • Double vaccinated attendees only with a max attendees of 17 (or possibly lower depending on what room we use for the meeting). Masks may be required to be worn depending on the number of attendees.