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Burnaby Rotary

This week we start the new Rotary year's first board meeting.

We'll be doing a video call for this board meeting using ZOOM CALL.

For instructions on how to download / install and how to join please follow this link for a video tutorial:

KEEP IN MIND - that due to the heavy traffic of zoom calling - using a phone to call in isn't possible anymore. Also due to security reasons - in order to sign up for zoom - you need to enter the password for entry into our chatroom. Please see the email invitation you got for links to minutes and the zoom room. If you need technical help then feel free to send me an email.

*A Reminder: Let's keep these meetings under an hour. For major decisions by the board, I would suggest writing out enough details in the minutes to summarize the main details as well as the main potential options for the decisions with some basic analysis of advantages/disadvantages. For distinguishing between a major decision, I would consider it to be something significant to the club with many options that should lead to debate. Examples are starting a project, choosing where general/foundation funds should go, or decisions contigent on other organizations decision-making or a potential of PR issues. I do understand that people are busy with other obligations but I consider it worthwhile to prevent long meetings and/or a too compressed discussion on significant matters.

Best regards,
Ryan McBride