Burnaby Rotary
Zoom Call
We're alive again! As we continue on our connecting through online - there as been some last minute changes. Unfortunately we haven't been able to confirm with one of speaker to present online. As a result - I thought I would share my PETs Experience for 2020-2021 compared to my 2019-2020 experience. - you definitely don't want to miss out! So how do you join?
Join into same room via online OR on the phone (party line style)!
Eg. for non-tech folks, simply dialing in works too (no video though). 
If you know how to use a phone, you can participate - this means EVERYONE. 
CORRECTION OF DATE  -  CONFIRMED FOR: April 17, 2020 @ 12 - 1:15PM 
All members, friends and visitors are welcome. 
*DUE TO ZOOM BOMBINGS - we are now increasing security protocols to ensure privacy and safety of our members/guest. If you would like to attend the meeting - please email us and we'll provide you the proper steps to enter our meeting. THANK YOU.
If you're calling (this is basically the old school "Party Line" type of telecon) in instead of video calling - please follow these steps.
Step 1) 1-778-907-2071, then
Step 2) Press Meeting ID number: 332 290 2636, then press the number sign "#"
(in case you are anywhere else the in world, there's almost always a local number to dial so there's NO long distance charges for you)
Find your local number here:  https://zoom.us/u/abgCAegP8t
Detailed instructions for Zoom with video (yes, we want to see your face:] ):
Again, IT IS EXTREMELY EASY ON HOW TO GET ONLINE TO CHAT! You can use your computer / smart phone or IPAD/ Tablet. Take a look at people that joined last Friday, if they can do it, you can too...
For instructions on how to download / install and how to join. Watch this short YouTube video: https://youtu.be/vFhAEoCF7jg
If you don't have a camera/video way of doing this virtual tour - you're welcome to call in as well.