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We're excited to have Claire Peacock's invited guest, Jerome Mayaud, to present his talk "The Future of Mobility in an Uncertain World."

Talk Summary: Public transit ridership was dropping dramatically across North America, even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As the mobility landscape continues to shift, the future of our cities as safe, inclusive and healthy spaces is at stake. Jerome, a data scientist at a Vancouver-based transportation technology company, will take you on a journey to turn the public transit crisis around. All aboard!

Author Bio: Jerome was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Urban Predictive Analytics Lab, based at UBC, from November 2017 until September 2019.

In his research, Jerome asks questions such as, 'how is a city hardwired to be unequal? Who loses out in healthcare or education access? How does information spread through homeless networks?' His tools include statistics, numerical modelling, geospatial analysis and machine learning.

Jerome is particularly interested in the ways research can be communicated to the public and used in the realms of policy and decision-making. He has worked for an international sustainability consultancy, for broadcasting networks in the UK, and for the UK's Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology.

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