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Burnaby Rotary

This Friday meeting, we're honored to have Conny Lin PhD - Neroscientist / Data Scientist and Speaker to talk about Drug Addictions and it's affects. 

A summary of her background:


My broad range of experiences in diverse sectors enables me to solve tough problems from multi-faceted angles. I excel at building partnerships, finding win-win solutions, and creating high functional teams.

I believe the key role of a leader is not just to provide a clear vision forward, but more importantly is to empower my team to accelerate when opportunity strikes, and to pivot when unexpected obstacles arise. Nothing beats seeing the proud faces on my team members when they achieve what they didn’t believe they could before. “Dream big! Plan Collaboratively! And don’t be afraid to Agile!”

My PhD used data science to uncover new genes that play a role in learning behavior under drug influence. Besides data science, the most enjoyable part of my journey was supervising my 25+ membered research team. Along the way, I founded two non-profits, got elected as the President of Graduate Student Society of UBC, worked at Ministry of Health as a science policy fellow, and worked at Rosetta Stone as Research Program manager. During the final months of my PhD, I ran for public office at the 2017 provincial election.

After another 3 years building the 3rd non-profit I founded (Cofactor Conversation Lab), I am now focusing my spare time on a passion of mine: helping graduate students diversify their career path. Please check out and follow “HirePhD”!

Some numbers for those who enjoy # and bullet points:
☑️ 14 years program/project management experience.
☑️ 12 years leadership, executive & governance experiences in diverse sectors.
☑️ 11 years Human Resources experience.
☑️ 16 years event planning experience.
☑️ 146 the # of largest team managed (average 25).
☑️ 4 organizations founded still in operations since 2008, 2009, 2017, and 2021.
☑️ $.6 million the largest budget personally managed.
☑️ $22 million the largest budget governed.

Conny Lin - Cofactor Conversation Lab


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